How is Time Management Training in the Workplace

How is Time Management

As a business owner, how is time management should be of great importance to you.  If your employees do not know how to make proper use of their time, you could be suffering the consequences.  As for what those consequences are, they may include the loss of profits and a poor public perception.

How is Time Management
How is Time Management

If and when you determine that your employees are wasting their workday or even just a few minutes here and there, you will want to take action. 

In fact, the sooner that you take action, the better it will be for you and your company.  As for what action you should take, you may want to consider time management training.

Time management training; it sounds professional and effective, but what is it?  In all honesty, you will find that time management training comes in a number of different formats. 

For starters, you can have you own time management training run by you and your staff.  On the other hand, you can use the assistance of a professional. 

There are individuals who specialize in teaching others how to stay organized, focused, and on task.  You can hire one of these individuals to come into your workplace and educate your employees.

Disadvantages of Time management training

Now that you know what your main options are in terms of time management training for your office, you may be curious as to what the cons are. 

  • For starters, the cost can be quite high.  Many professionals charge a set rate, but others charge depending on the number of guests in attendance.  One way that you can keep your cost down is by only requiring your problem workers to seek training.  Another way is by hosting your own training sessions.  This should be relatively cost effective for you.
  • Another con or downside to time management training in the workplace is the time that you must spend doing the trainings. In a way, it can seem like you are wasting the time of your company.  In some instances it may be a time waste, but it is important for you to remember the end result. 
  • Taking an hour or even two hours to teach your staff the importance of time management, as well as sharing tips on how to be productive in the workplace is likely worth the time spent. 

Advantages of Time management training

Although there are a number of cons or downsides to having your staff members sit through time management training, there are also a number of pros or plus sides to doing so as well. 

  • One of those is the fact that you are able to provide your staff members with a refresher course in the area of time management.  This is a nice alternative to terminating some of your employees.  In fact, some of your best performing employees may have problems managing their time.  What this means is that when they actually do choose to work, they are likely to produce the best results.  These are the type of employees that you will want to work with, not terminate right away.
  • Another one of the many pros or plus sides to having your staff members undergo time management training is that they shouldn’t have any excuses.  When you or a professional lays out specific ways that your employees can better manage their time at work, they don’t have any excuses for not doing so.  They can’t claim that they didn’t know that there were specific approaches they could take, as they sat through the meeting or training session. 
  • In fact, once your employees go through a training session, they are likely to know that they are being watched.  This alone should reduce the amount of time that is wasted by your employees and produce better results.

Since there are a number of both pros and cons to offering time management training to your staff member, you need to decide if it is right for you and your company. 

If you are noticing a lot of staff members who take too long to complete their work or if you just see your employees hanging around the office, time management training is a good idea.

Time Management Training:  What It Entails

Are you an office manager or a business owner?  If you are, you must know the importance of time management in the office. 

Did you know that when your employees don’t know how to manage their time, they likely end up costing your company money?  Whether you are a business owner or an office manager, you do not want to see this happen.

When it comes to poor time management at the office, there are many office managers and business managers who choose to provide their employees with time management training. 

If this sounds like a good idea to you, you may be looking for more information.  You may be curious as to exactly what time management training its, how it works, and what your staff members will learn.  If these are all questions that you have, you will want to continue reading on.

When understanding time management training, it is important to remember that it does come in a number of different formats. 

For example, most companies choose to hire outside specialists.  These are individuals or teams of individuals who come in and teach staff members the importance of proper time management, as well as share tips on how to get the most done through the day. 

A good example of this is by showing or helping your staff members get their office desks better organized.  This is key, as organization and time management go hand in hand.

As nice as it is to hire outside help from professional office organizers and time management specialists, the cost of doing so may be a put off for you.  If it is, you may be able to host your own time management training sessions. 

Doing so is actually a lot easier than you may originally think.  In fact, many business owners and office managers like this approach as it gives them complete control over what their staff members learn.

Speaking of what your staff members will likely learn in time management training, it will vary.  As previously stated, you can hire outside help or you can perform your own training sessions. 

Regardless of which approach you do take, there are some things that you will want to make sure that your staff members know. 

First, make sure that you not only tell them the importance of properly managing their time at the office, but show them ways that they can improve the use of their time. 

These ways may involve keeping a clean and organized office desk, completing a to do list each morning, and so forth.

It is also important that you outline the consequences for employees who continue to waste company time. 

After time management training as has been offered to all employees, there is no reason why employees should be seen standing around, socializing with each other, or using an office computer for personal use.  State that these things are okay for break time, but not during normal work hours. 

You may want to go as far to show your staff members just how much their wasted time is costing the company.  Let them know that additional warnings may come, with termination being a possibility.

As a reminder, time management training is not required by many means, but you may find it a relatively easy and effective approach, especially when compared to terminating and rehiring new employees.

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